Letter Poem

99662895_2cf6404b7c                                                                          Photo Credit: zenera via Compfight cc
Dear,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Love

Yes the one who makes tears fall and makes corners new homes.The one who rain a thing of security. But also smiles, hugs, and joy. Thank you for breaking my heart a few times. Because now I want to live and prove you wrong even more. So people may call you beautiful or a thing of pain but I call you, chance. So keep being that chance for all who will take that chance and gamble with you.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Life

Amazing Animals

6897952773I love animals! So today that’s what I will be talking about. I think without animals we couldn’t live for many reasons. Even though we don’t think about it all the time, if we couldn’t eat them we wouldn’t get the nutrition we need. But after that part they are a huge role if our daily lives like pet. We have dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and amphibians!


2429233194But we also have farm animals we love like chickens, cows, horses, donkeys, and etc. We just need animals so much in our lives. Yet we have so many in shelters that are barely saved and too many to save but if you adopt and donate money if you can. It will make such a better world. I would just like to say to remind you. LOVE YOUR ANIMALS!


One other thing is if you want to help out our world of animals that go check out some websites they will get you on your helping way. If you want I found some websites to check out if you want to get started here are some websites. Animal Charities, ASPCA, Animal Humane Society, And you can ask your local animal shelter how to help them! Thanks for reading bye!

Chains of Pain

6900226636_aa87c548ca                                                                                  Theophilos via Compfight cc                                                 As I feel the tears of the past slowly trickle down into the river of sorrow I wonder if I will ever find the key to these chains of pain. I wonder if I have missed one place to search that I did not know of before. I feel like in this invisible cage I just can’t reach the key. But I get closer each year my arms grow a little longer and my legs grow a little taller and my mind grows a little stronger. I start to forget the pain of yesterday and more about tomorrow.

Count to Three

My first comment was on Connie’s blog here on her poem What Many Forms Of This Wondrous Beauty I liked the part were she said still we saver the water. Next I commented on Estrella’s blog on her The Full History Of Board Games.  I was surprised to find out that the first board game was made in about 5000 BC. The last comment was on Marcy’s blog and on her Sports are Life post! I love how she has a team which is like her family.

The Peaceful Flower

5858605833_28438fbbb3                                                              Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad via Compfight cc                                                                        The sunny days and sparkling nights

and the flower gets to feel the sun and rain

it just sits there like theres nothing better to do

as we go to work and create wars

the flower remains peaceful in its beautiful state of zen

if only we could learn to be more like this flower

the world would be safe from our machines and pollution

My favorite Animal

2433829679_d2787144af                                                                     Photo Credit: Deniseop via Compfight cc                                                                                Ok so in this post I am allowed to talk about anything. So yeah lets get started. My favorite animal is a dog, more specifically a golden retriever. Now I love all dogs but I really love golden retrievers. I have a golden retriever right now and her name is Penny. She is such a sweet dog, although she kind of freaks out on the neighbor’s dogs. But I love her anyway. She is family, so what are you going to do? Give her treats of course. Now if you happen to get a dog that doesn’t live up to the breed standards don’t freak out. That just means they are normal. Though breeds have a breed standard that doesn’t mean that they all have the same personality. Like the golden retriever’s breed standard is they are an easy going very trainable dog. Penny does not live up to her breed standard, at all.

If you happen to get this dog breed well your most likely to have a very loving dog that wants to please you and help on the bad days. They will probably freak out when you come into the house from work or school and may or may not want to knock you over everyday. But after that they will lick you and pretend nothing happened. So thats about all of my dogs behaviors of course your dog might be different.

I am a dog person by the way if you haven’t noticed yet. So whats your favorite dog breed? What is your experience of dogs? Did this help? Or just fun to read? Please leave a comment below! Oh also if you want to find the dog breed for you go here! Thanks for reading!

Your friend,

Cassidy1am 😀

Partner Novel – #4 WWYD

Dear Katie,

Today I will be talking about what I would have done differently then the book characters. Ok well first I would NOT HAVE GONE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Well I guess I can’t really change that….But I would have not done to much differently….Ummm I guess that I would not have gone with people I don’t know like they did with a few people I would have just gone on my own and save mutt (with my cousin) and then it would be a little safer in a way. Also I would have kept my clothing. So what do you think made them believe in so many people? Why do you think that everybody has cool names? I think its cool. Anyway thats all for now also DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A COMMENT 😀 Thanks bye!                                                               Music Box


International Helping Day


                                   Mcx83 via Compfight cc

So today as you may have guessed I will be talking about if I made a international event what it would be called, what it would be for, and what you would do if people came. So what I have decided was if I could I would make a International Helping Day! That would be a group of everyone who would come and we would go around the city and  try to see how we can help the homeless (pets and humans). Also if there is a specific person we could also help them too. So then I think if anyone needed special help we could put out fliers and then they could call us for help. Also WE HAVE TO HAVE SMILING FACE BALLOONS!  So there you have it thats all for now and hopefully you all can come someday to the International Helping Day.

Partner Novel:Key to Rondo-Blog #3-Knowitall

Dear Katie,

Today I will be writing as Leo in The Key to Rondo. Hi… I sort of traveled into a music box. Long story….Anyway I am having some issues here, number 1 MY COUSIN IS CRAZY! She has come here for her stupid dog UGH. Also this Hiddy Hole is getting on my nerves. We need to get Mutt and I can’t believe that I am doing this. So right now I’m in this castle of the evil Blue Queen. The plan is once she falls asleep we take Mutt and run for it. Yes. But I want to also take Spoiler with me but I’m not sure how yet. I really need help and you please help me? I don’t know how you’ll get in but PLEASE HELP ME!

Sincerely,Your helpless Leo

Far Away

2637315418_3e963dffcf    Photo Credit: Jane is near! via Compfight c

Some days I wish I could just run away

   Far away

   Come back another day

   And everything would be ok

But its not that simple

First you need to find Far Away

Which is hard to find

I wish I could

But I can’t

 Far Away is just to far